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Troop 148 Adult and Youth Leadership Positions

 Troop Adult Leadership

  • Charter Organization Representative: Mike Halla
  • Executive Officer: David Mullins
  • Scoutmaster: Jeff Fender
  • Assistant Scoutmasters: Ben Eades, David Dye, Heather Cox, Jerrilyn Kean, Marni Karaffa, Terry Lee
  • Committee Chair: Lesa McCartney
  • Treasurer: Christina Cabott
  • Secretary: Heather Cox
  • Advancement Chair: Terri Lee
  • Membership Chair: Heather Cox
  • Outdoor/Activities Chair: Tammi Kunz
  • Training Chair: Jerrilyn Kean
  • Equipment Chair: Jerrod Cox
  • Fundraising Chair: Marni Karaffa
  • Public Relations Chair: 
  • Troop Chaplin: Rod Kates
  • Committee Members: Chanel Stickles, Heather Yarnall-Kates, Kevin Trojan, Matt Mullins, Stephanie Herrington, Steven Tait, Tim Lam, Trent Carney, Troy Kunz

Junior Leader Positions
  • Senior Patrol Leader - Top junior leader in the Troop. Leads Patrol Leaders' Council and, in consultation with Scoutmaster, appoints other junior leaders and assigns specific responsibilities.
  • Assistant Senior Patrol Leader - fills in for SPL in his absence. He is also responsible for training and giving direction to the Quartermaster, Scribe, Historian, Librarian, and instructors.
  • Troop Historian - collects and maintains troop memorabilia and information on former troop members.
  • Librarian - keeps troop books, pamphlets, magazines, audiovisuals, and merit badge counselor list available for use by troop members.
  • Junior Assistant Scoutmaster – older Scout who supervises/supports other boy leaders as assigned.
  • Patrol Leader - gives leadership to members of his patrol and represents them on the PLC.
  • Assistant Patrol Leader - fills in for the patrol leader in his absence.
  • Troop Guide - advisor and guide to the new Scout patrol.
  • Den chief - works with a Cub Scout den as a guide.
  • Quartermaster - responsible for Troop supplies and equipment.
  • Scribe - the Troop secretary
  • OA Representative - Attends Troop and Lodge meetings and communication link between the troop and the lodge