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Training Information

Youth ProtectionTrainingYouth Protection Training(YPT) is required of ALL Leaders associated with Boy Scouts of America(BSA), however, it instills principles that are worthwhile for ALL associated with Scouting to learn. This includes Parents/Guardians of Scouts in Pack. As a Pack, we would like ALL Parents/Guardians complete this Training. It is a FREE online tutorial that is good for 2 years. Upon completion,Certificates can be printed out. Once completed, please give a copy of Certificate to David Barker. Here’s information for accessing YPT:

-there is a brief, 2 minute intro video. There is information on this page, as well as links to other pages, that covers all aspects of Training, Youth Protection,etc.

-along right side of page, you will see information that refers to

-can click on link to portal.

-create account

-access training from MyDashboard

There is a pamphlet booklet in Scout Handbooks entitled

Youth Protection: How to Protect Your Children from Child Abuse-A Parents Guide”

-this has valuable information that promotes discussions with youth about Child Abuse.

FOR NEW SCOUTS WORKING ON BOBCAT BADGE(1STBadge to be earned in Scouting).

-This is one of the REQUIREMENTS for Bobcat Badge; to be done with Scouts/Parents(Guardians)


StateClearances/Background Check: For those that may, or may not, be aware, PA Act 153 of 2014 went into effect Jan 1, 2015. It involves Adults that work with Youth in ANY capacity. Those that are paid, or Volunteers, must obtain State Clearances; criminal and child abuse background checks. Leaders in BSA are now REQUIRED to have these clearances. Adult involvement with Scouting is important, and needed, so, as a Pack, we ask EVERY Parent/Guardian obtain these Clearances. Fees are currently WAIVED for these Clearances. Once obtained, please give a copy to David Barker. As of now, Clearances are to be done every 3 years. The BSA Laurel Highlands Council website has links to all necessary forms/clearances, background checks. Website:



-Create Individual Account

-during questions, it will ask purpose: “Volunteer”

-during questions, it will ask for Organization: “Other”; “Boy Scouts of America”

BACKGROUND CHECK needed;please observe residency requirements on whether State will suffice,or if FBI Background check needed.

Thank you,

Cub Scout Pack 350