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How Do I Join?

In order to become a Boy Scout, you must be a boy who has completed the fifth grade, or who has earned the Arrow of Light Award, or be 11 to 18 years of age. 

What Does It Cost To Join?

At Troop 107, we strive to keep scouting affordable to everyone. We want to reach as many youth as possible in an effort to train them as individuals, a team and future leaders. All you have to do to join is simply come to any of our meetings and talk to us. We will have applications available to fill out at any time.

The cost of membership for a year is $12.00 (This Covers insurance an national fees).

There is an optional (Recommended) subscription to Boy's Life magazine your son can order. The cost for Boy's Life is an additional $4.00 for the year.

Uniforms can be purchase at Scout Shops, eBay, or resale shops around town.  Ranging between $30 - $60 depending on what deals you can find.

We renew our membership every September. We do pro-rate the membership based on when you sign up.

Final cost is $65.00 a year or about $5.42 a month.

You can download a shopping list for a uniform under the Forms page of our website. There are many other sources for looking for uniforms, just ask us for suggestions.

Below you will find some basic information on our unit. If at anytime you have questions, please feel free to ask any of us.


As a general rule, we camp once a month. Yes, even in winter. We do teach the youth how to properly camp in cold weather.

Our troop provides most of the gear needed for an outing, tents, stoves, etc.

Camping fees try to stay minimal. We average $10 - $15 for meals for an entire weekend. The scouts do their own meal planning and cooking (nutritional value is monitored).

Meals are planned two meetings before a campout. This is a group effort. If your son has particular likes and dislikes, make sure he is there to voice his vote. If your son is allergic to a food, make sure it is on his health form and tell the leaders about his allergy. This will definitely affect meal planning. We accommodate health issues. We do not accommodate picky eaters who do not come to meetings

Summer Camps

Summer camp is a big part of your son’s scouting experience. Not only will he advance in rank and earn merit badges, but he will also grow as an individual and grow with other scouts as a unit.

How Can I Help?


Without commitment from the parents, we would not have a troop. By commitment I mean being committed to bringing your son to each meeting (FULLY DRESSED IN UNIFORM). If you miss a meeting, you will miss something important about upcoming events. By commitment I mean being committed to staying aware of what is going on in terms of activities and events. By commitment I mean being committed to getting your scout to work on advancements at home.  Being part of committees, or simply anything that you are able and willing to offer to your sons experience in the scouting movement.

While you do not have to commit to being a leader, you can commit to being an active scout parent. We can teach your son how to make decisions and be independent, but unless you are aware of what we promote, you can not help enforce that at home. It all goes back to scouting being a way of life, not just a meetings and a campouts. We need you to help us make this a full circle in your son’s life. We as leaders have nothing to gain. You, as a parent, have a lot to gain.

Do We Help Our Community?

Service projects


We are here to make a difference in our community one project at a time. We have participated in a wide range of service projects. If we do not get the scouts active in our community, they will never see that they can have a positive impact on a negative situation for someone. We want them to see they can make a difference if they just do something. These projects include trail work, participating in memorial day service, school beautification days, Eagle Scout projects, and more.


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