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To Scouts:
"Cub Scouts do fun things with other kids! They get to wear a cool uniform, go places, and see things. They play all kinds of sports and build things, like race cars and bird houses. Want to learn a secret code? Want to learn about wild animals? Go Cub Scouting!" - BSA

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"Being a Cub Scout means you are a member of a worldwide youth movement that stands for certain values and beliefs. Cub Scouting is more than something to do. It's all about the boy you are and the person you will become." - BSA

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To Parents:
"In Cub Scouting, boys and their families have fun and adventure in a program that builds character and instills values. Cub Scouting embraces the values of citizenship, compassion, cooperation, courage, faith, health and fitness, honesty, perseverance, positive attitude, resourcefulness, respect, and responsibility. These values come to boys in all parts of the Cub Scout program - all while they're having a great time with their friends and families" - BSA

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"Cub Scouting's volunteer leaders work with boys and their families to improve their communities by enriching the lives of the families who live there. Cub Scout leaders support the family. They take an active part in helping to strengthen families and their boys by providing a fun-filled, worthwhile program that teaches values" - BSA

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Trained leaders provide a quality, fun-filled program for units.
When leaders understand Boy Scouting, they are more effective in their roles.

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Last Updated:  Tues. Nov. 8, 2011

Tiger Cub Scout Uniform & Accessories

Tiger Cub Scout Uniform (new scouts entering 1st grade).
I’ve attached a document listing what you will need to get - basically it consists of:

1.     Tiger Scout Cap (orange)

2.     Tiger Neckerchief (orange)

3.     Tiger neckerchief slide (with picture of Tiger)

4.     Blue Short Sleeve Scout Uniform (includes American Flag Patch)

5.     Blue Scout pants or close proximity (no jeans or sport outfits allowed)

6.     Blue Scout Belt & Buckle (some awards are worn on belt)

7.     Blue scout socks (optional)

Also include:

1.     Den patch (DEN ?)

2.     A Theodore Roosevelt Council Shoulder Patch

3.     A World Scout Patch

4.     A large Red 696 Shoulder Patch (for the Pack) individual numbers or all together

5.     A Tiger Scout Handbook


If you go to the Nassau Scout Shop at 544 Broadway in Massapequa  (just south of Friendlies on Clark Street) and tell them this is what you need they should be able to help you obtain everything.

Note:  We are always looking for help too – if anyone wants to lend a hand either on the Committee or during the Pack Nights please let me know.

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Tiger Uniform List.jpg Tiger Cub Scout Uniform