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About Pack 907

Who Can Join?
Our Pack 907 consists mainly of boys from Hoover Elementary School in Livonia, but all interested boys in Kindergarten through fifth grades are welcome to join us.

How is it Organized?
We form "Dens" of about 4 to 8 boys from the same grade.  If there are more than 8 boys in a grade interested, we make two or three separate dens so our group sizes stay manageable.  Kindergartners are Lions, First-graders are Tigers, second-graders are Wolves, third-grades are Bears, and fourth-graders are Webelos and fifth-graders are Arrow of Light.

Our "Pack" includes all of the Dens (all grades).  Our Pack typically has included between 50 and 60 boys all together.

When do you Meet and What do you Do?
Most dens have a meeting one or two times a month.  For our "Tigers" (first-graders), parent involvement is required, so usually each parent will take a turn "hosting" a meeting with support of their Leader.  It may be at their house, a park or even the library.  The Leader plans the den activities that the parent and Tiger then complete together.
In addition to that one monthly den meeting, there is also one monthly "Pack" meeting.  All 50 to 60 kids in the Pack come together for awards, activites, announcements, and fun.
There is also usually at least one optional activity planned for the Pack each month.  These typically include Fall Camp, Hayride, Bowling/Roller Skating, Parade, Winter Hike, Service Project, Overnighter (like at a zoo or ship), Pinewood Derby, Spring Camp and shooting off rockets at our summer picnic.

This amounts to about two or three "required" meetings per month, and one optional activity. Dens will also plan some additional activities as required to make rank.
What is "Make Rank"?
For Tigers to achieve rank, they have to first learn 8 "Bobcat" requirements, such as the handshake, motto, etc.  Then they go to work on their "Tiger" rank, which includes 5 den activities (make a scrapbook, do leaf rubbings, etc.), 5 "Go see its" (go to police/fire dept., newspaper office, etc.) and 5 familly activities (talk about your faith, go on a family hike, etc.)

What do the Parents Have to Do?
Family involvement is strongly encouraged in Cub Scouts, and is required at the Tiger level.  At least one parent typically attends the meetings, especially for the younger kids.  There must always be a minimum of two adults present with the Scouts. 

Siblings are invited as often as possible to participate in Cub Scout activities. 

What about Boys Who Have other Commitments, Like Sports?
Cub Scouts is very accommodating.  We have some kids who play travel sports or have other activities where they may have to miss some meetings. Everything we do can be made up as a family, and even field trips may be done at home by substituting alternative choices.  It is all about trying new things, finding where your skills/interests are, and then developing those skills. As the Scout progresses up through the ranks, the program becomes very individualized with more choices and options.

Do you go camping?
Introducing a boy to the outdoors is very important to Scouting.  Our Spring camp is usually at the Boy Scout camp D-Bar-A in Metamora where Scouts can try activities like archery, BB guns, and fishing.  We camp in rustic cabins, or you may bring a tent.  We also have done overnighters on a Coast Guard Cutter ship, a real WW II submarine, at a zoo and other cool places.

How do you Get Leaders?
Parents to volunteer to lead new Dens and/or help with Pack organization.  We recruit new leaders as we recruit new Scouts.  There is a lot of support and resources made available for the Leaders.  The Leaders set the Den calendar, coordinate planning of the activities with the parents, and keep records of the Scouts progress to Rank and other awards. 

Sounds great, who do I contact?
Please see the Welcome (home) page of our website for latest contact information.  Scouts are welcome to join any time of the year, but we hold "round up" events in the Spring and Fall.