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Advancing Through the Ranks

Each rank of advancement requires the mastery of specific skills or merit badge and community service requirements as outlined in the Scout Handbook. The first four ranks (Scout, Tenderfoot, Second Class and First Class) involve the mastery of basic Scout skills and can be accomplished by active participation in regular troop meetings and attendance at campouts. The last three ranks (Star, Life, and Eagle) are based on participation, the attainment of merit badges, leadership experience, and community service projects. Refer to the Scout Handbook for requirement specifics.

Merit Badges

The goal of the merit badge program is to expand a Scout's areas of interest and encourage the Scout to meet and work with adults in a chosen subject. The first step is for the Scout to select a merit badge, and then talk to a Scoutmaster to choose a counselor and get a signed blue card. Once the Scout has met with the counselor he can begin the badge, based on the counselor's direction. The requirements for each merit badge are listed in the specific merit badge book and must be completed as written. They cannot be modified in any way by the counselor or the Scout. When the requirements are completed the counselor will fill out the appropriate info on the card and sign it. The Scout then turns in the appropriate portion of the card to the Advancement Chair.  The badge will usually be awarded at the next Court of Honor.

Keep in mind that new scouts generally should spend their efforts on rank advancements listed in their Boy Scout Handbook, rather than working on merit badges. Most scouts should start working on merit badges when they are working on the rank of First Class. All merit badges are not appropriate for new or younger scouts. Most Eagle-required badges are not appropriate for new or young scouts, except for swimming. A Scout Master will help in this determination as well as suggest a counselor, sign and distribute the blue card.

The blue card has 3 parts. When the badge is completed the counselor will keep one part, the scout will keep one part and the third part goes to the Advancement Chair on the troop committee. The scout should keep these in a safe place - he may need them later to prove completion if Council records are inaccurate or missing.

Boards of Review

Once a Scout has completed the requirements for each rank he must contact the Scoutmaster to schedule a Scoutmaster conference. At the Scoutmaster conference the scout's completion of requirements is confirmed and his experience in the Troop is discussed.

After the Scoutmaster conference, the scout must contact the Advancement Chairperson (John Fehr) to request a Board of Review. A Board of Review will be scheduled during a regular Troop meeting. At a Board of Review the Scout meets with a panel of adults who are not registered leaders. The scout will discuss his achievements and his growth with respect to the ideals of Scouting as defined by the Oath and Law, as well as his future plans and goals in Scouting. The Scout is required to wear Class A uniform and have his Scout Handbook with him.

Courts of Honor

Courts of Honor are held periodically to recognize all Scout appointments, elections, awards, and advancements. It is the responsibility of the Troop's PLC to plan and conduct Troop Courts of Honor. The Court of Honor is a public ceremony and parents and all other interested individuals are encouraged to attend.
Life to Eagle

Like other ranks, advancing to the rank of Eagle Scout involves requirements such as participation, Scout spirit, merit badges, and positions of responsibility. Troop 32 has created a program to help scouts move along from Life to Eagle. To read about this program in depth, visit our Life to Eagle page.

Merit Badge Requirements

Merit Badge Requirements

Eagle Rank Requirements

The requirements to achieve the rank of Eagle Scout.