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How much does Scouting Cost?

Troop 62 charges quarterly "dues" that amount to $25 per quarter. Dues are collected in March, June, September, and December.

There is a modest "food fee" for each monthly camping trip, and a 1x per year fee if your son attends week-long Summer Camp (highly encouraged!).

Fund Raisers are held as needed to fund new equipment, more elaborate camping destinations, or to allow boys to fund their OWN Scout activities.

BSA Registration and Troop Insurance fees are collected once a year.


Dues - helps to pay for numerous awards, badges, pins, camping equipment, and more. It usually is NOT enough for all expenses (see fund raising below).


Monthly "camp fee" - . Each patrol creates their own menu for the monthly camping trip and can decide to raise or lower this fee to be aligned with their menu choices. TYPICALLY, this is $15-$20 each month, paid by those attending the campout.  Plus gas $10-$20 for any scouts or adults that ride with another adult/driver. 

Adults & Siblings may participate and there will be an event fee depending on the event between $10-$30 typically.  This fee is a flat fee & will not be prorated per meal/activity.


Summer Camp Fee - Week-long Summer Camp is a great experience, and we encourage Scouts to attend every year. The average fee is $350. Please start saving for this NOW so that Camp is not a "financial burden" when payment is due.


Fund Raising - held as needed to supplement the cost of running the Troop. Covers new/replacement equipment (tents, stoves, cook gear, propane tanks, etc), or to cover the cost of more elaborate camping destinations. A portion is usually designated for Scout Accounts.


Scout Accounts - The Troop allocates a portion of fund raising to each participating boy's own "Scout Account". This encourages boys to actively participate in fund raising efforts. The harder a Scout works, the more he will earn for himself. Funds are held in escrow by the Troop Treasurer, and can only be used to reimburse Scouts for ANY Scouting-related expense.


Registration and Insurance - All scouts and adult members are required to pay a national Boy Scout registration fee each year.  As of December 2019 this fee is $60 per Scout, and $36 per registered adult. A modest fee of $1 is also collected at the same time to cover the troop insurance.