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2020 Summer Camp Guides

The 2020 Summer Camp will be at Camp Meriwether on the Oregon Coast. Camp dates are June 28 to July 4. Bonus activity is TBD, but will extend the dates before and/or after the Camp dates.
Icon File Name Comment  
2020 (Camp Meriwether) sbsa planning guide.pdf Planning Guide  

2016 Updated Advancement Requirements

Icon File Name Comment  
2016BoyScoutRequirements_8.14.2015.pdf Comparison of the new and current (pre-2016) requirements  
2016BoyScoutrequirementsFAQs.pdf Frequently Asked Questions about various requirements  
Transitioning_New_Requirements_2016.pdf Info on transitioning to the new requirements  


Icon File Name Comment  
101229 Troop 62 Rev-2.pdf Winter Camping and Gear Review  
Activity Planning Guide.doc EVENT PLANNING GUIDE - doc  
Activity Planning Guide.pdf EVENT PLANNING GUIDE - pdf  
BBGames1[1].pdf Games  
Big Book of Skits.pdf Big Book of Skits  
games.pdf Leadership Games (courtesy of -  
More Skits.pdf Lots More Skits  
Planner Camp Fire Program.pdf Planner-Camp Fire Program  
Planner Troop Meeting.pdf Planner -Troop Meeting  
Planner Troop Year.pdf Planner-Annual Troop Program  
Planner- Meal Planning & Duty Roster.doc Planner-Meal Planning & Duty Roster  
Troop Program Feature 3.pdf Program Features Volume 3  
Troop Program Features 2.pdf Program Features Volume 2  
Troop Program Features Volume 1.pdf Program Features Volume 1  
Troop175Cookbook.pdf Receipes  
Where-to-Camp-2010.pdf Where to go Camping by Order of Arrow  


Icon File Name Comment  
HUMANITARIAN DIRECTORY 02 12.docx Opportunites for service in our area  


Icon File Name Comment  
Adult_application_form.pdf Adult Application  
driver_data_form.pdf Driver Data for tour Permits  
Form BSA Activity Consent Form.pdf Consent Form  
Form Merit Badge Counselor.pdf Merit Badge Counselor Form  
Form Scout Inspection.pdf Uniform Inspection  
Form Youth Transfer.pdf Youth Transfer Application  
Med Form 2017 680-001_abc.pdf parts A & B needed for any activity (annual). C needed for events 72+ hours (summer camp)  
Parental Permission Form.pdf Parental Permission Form  
volunteerlogsheet.pdf Volunteer log sheet  
Youth application form.pdf Youth Application  

Award Forms

Icon File Name Comment  
Earn the YEAR AROUND CAMPER Patch.docx Year Around Camper-Order of Arrow Award  
Form Historic Trails.pdf Historic Trails Award  
Form Leave No Trace.pdf Leave No Trace Award  
Form Natl Camping Troop.pdf National Camping Award-Troop  
Form World Conservation Boy Scout.pdf World Conservation Award  
TUKARICA LODGE 266 Service Hours.docx Service Award-Order of Arrow Award  


STEM—Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics

Icon File Name Comment  
Boy Scouts Supernova Awards.mht Boy Scouts Supernova Awards  
DESIGNED TO CRUNCH TRACKER.pdf Designed to Crunch Tracker  
DESIGNED TO CRUNCH TRACKER.xlsx Designed to Crunch Tracker Excel  
SHOOT Tracker.pdf Shoot Tracker  
SHOOT Tracker.xlsx Shoot Tracker Excel  
START YOUR ENGINES Tracker.pdf Start Your Engines Tracker  
START YOUR ENGINES Tracker.xlsx Start Your Engines Tracker Excel  
STEM NOVA- DESIGNED TO CRUNCH Worksheet.pdf Designed to Crunch Worksheet  
STEM NOVA- SHOOT Worksheet.pdf Shoot Worksheet  
STEM NOVA- START YOUR ENGINES Worksheet.pdf Start Your Engines Worksheet  
STEM NOVA- WHOOSH Worksheet.pdf Whoosh Worksheet  
Supernova Application.pdf SuperNOVA Application  
WHOOSH Tracker.pdf Whoosh Tracker  
WHOOSH Tracker.xlsx Whoosh Tracker Excel  

Cycling Information

Icon File Name Comment  
2010_bicycle_commuter.pdf 2010 Bicycle Commuter  
239_BikewayFacilitiesMap.pdf Ada County Bicycle Network  
Bicycle Safety Fun Page Brochure.pdf Bicycle Safety Fun Page  
greenbeltmap_2013_web.pdf Boise Greenbelt Brochure  
GreenbeltReservationMapcommunityevent.pdf Boise Greenbelt Map  

Trail To First Class

Guidebook and lessons for all the Tenderfoot, Second Class and First Class ranks.
Icon File Name Comment  
2010troopguide.pdf Handbook courtesy of  
2016troopguide.pdf 2016 Troop Guide Handbook - Courtesy of  
BSAFirstClassReq4a-OrienteeringCourse.pdf Kleiner Park orienteering course (Req First Class 4a, 2016 edition) - Courtesy of Mike Lydon and Troop 62 (updated 08/24/2017)  
FirstClassReq2-SettlersPark.pdf First Class Req #2 Settlers Park - Courtesy of Adam Northup and Troop 62  
KnotRelayDevice.pdf Scout Knot Relay Device  
Trail To First Class Tracker.pdf Sheet to track up to 9 scouts on Trail To First Class 2016 Edition