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Boy Scout Troop 289
(Wickliffe, Ohio)
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Troop 289, and Boy Scouts in general, are open to boys aged 11-17.  Picking a troop is an important process.  Make sure the meeting night works with your schedule.  Then contact the Scoutmaster ("contact our troop" above) to get a feel for the troop.  Lastly, and most important, bring your boy to a meeting and see what is going on.  Often interested boys can join an outing as a guest. 

Parents are welcome also.  Get a feel for the troop and see what you can and would like to contribute.  Positions generally available (all subject to commitee approval) include hands on with the boys (Asst. Scoutmaster), troop support (Committee), or just occasional help with specific projects.  No experience needed - training provided.