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Officially, the BSA has ONE uniform, and any historical version of it is acceptable (once official, always official).  It is found in the front pages of every Scout Handbook.

The official BSA uniform is comprised of:

-BSA hat  or Troop 79 hat

-a troop neckerchief*

-BSA tan shirt (with patches placed in the proper spots)

-a Merit Badge Sash **

-BSA olive pants

-BSA web belt w/ buckle

-BSA socks/Green socks

-Boots/ Hiking Shoes***

This is THE official uniform, but in many pieces of BSA literature it may be referred to as the FIELD uniform, or commonly, the "Class A".

*  Technically, hats and neckerchiefs (and how they are worn) are optional in the BSA Uniform Guide, but if the wearing of either is adopted by a troop, they are then considered official components of the uniform.  We wear both.  The hat is the "baseball cap" variety, either the red and green or the new centennial green, our own Troop 79. Scouts entering our Troop will receive a Troop neckerchief bearing our logo when they bridge over or shortly after joining our troop..  As an extra, an acceptable alternate is the red  neckerchief available for purchase at the scout shop.  The neckerchief is to be worn UNDER the collar with the top button of the shirt unbuttoned. 

** The Merit Badge Sash, worn over the right shoulder, is impractical for most Scouting-related activities.  It is therefore only worn at ceremonial events or select meetings such as a Court of Honor.

***All Scouts are expected to wear Boots or Hiking Shoes at the weekly meetings and on all campouts. 

It is not always practical to wear the Field Uniform shirt every minute a Scout is involved in a scouting-related activity.   The BSA offers a variety of polo-type shirts and tee shirts imprinted with BSA logos, and many troops (ours included) often opt to have custom printed shirts made. 

It is customary practice that when a troop (as a whole) agrees on a standard shirt, they will opt to wear it INSTEAD of the BSA olive shirt, and in many items of BSA literature, this will be referred to as an ACTIVITY uniform, or "Class B".  Our Class B shirt is a red tee shirt with the Troop 79 logo.

Historically, the BSA offers major redesigns to the uniform about every 20 years.  This past year, the BSA announced the "Centennial Uniform" with "switchback" pants and some color changes to troop number decals and shoulder loops.   This is the 5th major redesign in the BSA's 100 year history.  You may mix and match 'old' and 'new' uniform shirts and pants. Once Official... always Official!