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Boy Scout Troop 346
(Chatham, Virginia)
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Zombie Emergency Preparedness

We will start preparing for World War Z (and other natural disasters) in July.

Week 1 at home assignments - Find our counties top Zombie Hunter (Emergency Management Director), create a Zombie Survival Pack (use suggestions from the Survival Manual if you don't have an item don't go buy it just write it on an index card)

Week 2 at home assignments - Work with your family to create a home Zombie Survival Kit (disaster prep kit) and a home evacuation plan in case of an approaching horde (or other disaster).  Have a parent send a note that you have completed both items.

Week 3 at home find the Counties Chief Zombie Hunter (Emergency Management Co-coordinator) I will take the past or the interim's name.  Complete your workbook.
Icon File Name Comment  
ZombieActivityBook.pdf Zombie Survial Guide (Workbook)  

We will work on the Cooking Merit Badge starting in January.  If there is one thing Scout love to do it's eat.  You will learn to use camp stoves, wood, and backpacking stoves to make tasty meals!
Icon File Name Comment  
Cooking.pdf The Cooking Merit Badge Work Sheet 2017 updated version