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Boy Scout Troop 346
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For the Senior Patrol Leader or Patrol Leader

Patrol Leaders Guide Book - Keeping a record of meetings, camping trips plans, adventures and memorable moments is a great way to become a better patrol. Reviewing the information in your patrol log will help your patrol understand what they should start doing, keep on doing or, perhaps, stop doing. Your logbook should, of course relate all the fun, adventure and friendship your patrol shares. Be sure to write down all of your achievements and successes, but don’t forget to include your flops and failures.

Patrol System eBook - This book written in the 1960's is a great introduction to the Patrol Method.

Troop Meeting Plan Worksheet - Use this sheet to plan our your Troop meeting so everything flows smoothly.
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34425 Troop Meeting Plan.pdf Troop Meeting Plan Worksheet  
Patrol Leader Handbook 32502.pdf Patrol Leaders Handbook  
Patrol Log PDF.pdf Patrol Leaders Log Book  
patrolsystem.pdf Patrol System ebook  
senior-patrol-leader-training.pdf Senior Patrol Leader Training  
Troop 346 Menu and Duty Roster.doc Trip Menu Planner and Duty Roster  

BSA Health Forms (new for 2020)

BSA requires health forms to be completed every year.  Parts A, B and C are required for Summer Camp and must be completed by a physician.This is the new 2020 version.
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680-001_ABC.pdf 2020 Health Form Parts A, B, C for Camp  

Eagle Scout Paperwork

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512-728_WB_fillable.pdf Eagle Scout Application  
512-927_fillable.pdf Eagle Project Work Book  
BRMC Life to Eagle Guide 8-1-16.pdf  
BRMC_Eagle_Character_Reference_3-12-13.pdf Reference Letter  

Order of the Arrow Info and Forms

What is the Order of the Arrow?  The Order of the Arrow (a.k.a OA) is the National Honor Society of the Boy Scouts of America.  The OA promotes camping and service to the Blue Ridge Mountains Council. We are part of the Tuscarora Chapter of the Tutelo Lodge #161.  Chapter meetings are held the 3rd Thursday of the month; from August to May, at Saint Luke's UMC in Danville, VA at 7pm.  See Brian Brumfield if you need a ride.

How do you become involved in the OA?  Scouts and Scouters who have been approved by their Scoutmaster and met several requirements are eligible for election by their Troop.  Those requirements are you must be at least First Class in rank, and camped a minimum of 15 days in the past 2 years.  Included in those 15 days is a long term camp, like summer camp.  Adults nominees must meet the same requirements as Scouts, except for Rank.  Adults are not elected but are approved by the Lodge Executive Committee. Once you are elected you must complete an Ordeal to become a member of the OA.   Ordeals are held 3 times a year at the Blue Ridge Scout Reservation in March, June and September.  Once you are elected you must complete your Ordeal within 1 year or be re-elected.  Troops are only allowed one Unit Election per year.

For more information about the OA see your OA Troop Rep or visit 

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2019-Tutelo-Function-and-Dues-Form-with-Medical-20190312.pdf 2019 Dues and Function Registration Form  
FirstYearArrowmanAward.pdf First Year Arrowmen Award Form (you complete and turn in to Chapter Chief)  

Troop Program Features

The Program Features for Troops, Teams, and Crews, volumes 1, 2, and 3, bring together 48 features to help making program planning easier for unit and youth leaders. The mix of topics—outdoor, sports, health and safety, citizenship and personal development, STEM, and arts and hobbies—provides the kind of variety, adventure, challenges, and opportunities for advancement units can use to keep members coming back.
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TroopProgramFeaturesVol1_33110.pdf Troop Program Features Volume 1  
TroopProgramFeaturesVol2_33111.pdf Troop Program Features Volume 2  
TroopProgramFeaturesVol3_33112.pdf Troop Program Features Volume 3  

Adult Background Check Form V2

Scouts BSA now requires an annual background check on all registered adults each recharter cycle.

Blue Ridge Scout Reservation

We have the largest Council owned Scout Reservation in the Country here in the Blue Ridge Mountains Council.  Everyone needs to visit the BRSR at least once.  Every Scout is encouraged to go to one of the Camp Programs.  For more info on the various programs visit
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2020 Brown Sea Island.pdf 2020 Brown Sea Island Leaders Guide - Camp Ottari  
2020 Camp Ottari Leader Guide.pdf 2020 Camp Ottari Leaders Guide  
2020 Camp Powhatan Leaders Guide.pdf 2020 Camp Powhatan Leaders Guide  
2020 Canoe the New.pdf 2020 Canoe the New Base Camp Powhatan Leaders Guide  
2020 CLAB Leaders Guide.pdf 2020 Claytor Lake Aquatics Base Leaders Guide  
2020 Mountain Man.pdf 2020 Mountain Man Leaders Guide  
2020 New River Adventures.pdf 2020 New River Adventures Base Camp Powhatan Leaders Guide  
2020 New River Adventures.pdf 2020 New River Adventures Base Camp Powhatan Leaders Guide  
2020 Reservation Guide.pdf 2020 BRSR Leaders Guide  
ottari map 08.pdf Ottari Camp Map  
pow map 09b.pdf Powhatan Camp Map  
reservation map 5 16 08.pdf Map and Directions to Each Council Camp  

Gear Lists

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Troop 346 Backpacking List.pdf Basic Gear List for a Backpacking Trip  
Troop 346.pdf Basic Gear List for a Weekend Camping Trip