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Boy Scout Troop 47
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Troop 47 has been in existence since 1930. Like most Boy Scout troops, the program endeavors to be a Boy Run Troop. We believe that our goals in Scouting, to develop Character, Citizenship and Leadership ability, can be best be achieved by giving our members responsibility for organizing themselves to plan and implement the Troop Programs. To the maximum extent consistent with safety and national Boys Scouts of America policy, we intend to let the Scouts learn by having the opportunity to try, occasionally fail, but more often succeed – while the adults stand aside and let the scouts have the initiative, experience and pride of their own efforts. This is what we mean by a Boy Run Troop.

Troop 47 meets most every Friday night and goes camping approximately once a month.

At Friday night meetings we typically teach skills; plan events and camping trips; and have activities, games or competitions. The meetings often follow a theme that changes roughly once a month, for example, knots & lashings, first aid or pioneering.

St. Paul's is located at 602 McLean Avenue in Yonkers. The entrance to the gym, where we meet, is through the parking lot on Lee Ave.