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Crossroads of America Council's Service Organization

 Founded in 1920, Firecrafter is a service organization that serves Scouting in the Crossroads of America Council. Designed to emphasize the ideals of friendship, leadership, and service, Firecrafter teaches youth how to become a better Scout. Firecrafter is completed through self- advancement during a long-term camping experience. Consisting of two Cub Scout ranks, three Boy Scout ranks, and one honor, the program encompasses all basic Scouting skills and some unique additions. Firecrafter ranks are aligned with Scouting ranks and help to re-enforce the Scout's advancement trail.


Firecrafter in the Crossroads of America Council is divided up into three flames (East, Central, and West, one for each council section) and twelve embers (one for each district - similar in organization to Order of the Arrow Chapters).



In direct pursuit of the principles and ideals of Scouting of boys, Firecrafter was created for and dedicated to service to all phases of that movement. Firecrafter and each individual Firecrafter shall be directed toward the observance of the following creed:

  • We believe that leadership ought to be fostered and its high trusts and responsibilities cultivated.
  • We believe that a Scout becomes a better Scout when he exhibits unselfish friendship to others.
  • We believe that Firecrafter's service to Scouting aids both the Firecrafter and every scout in building better character and citizenship.

In the spirit of these beliefs, we make our pledge of faithful service.





Enthusiasm and the Scouting Spirit are contagious. Firecrafter’s goal is to instill this spirit through the candidacies and fellowship with other Firecrafters. It is always easier to follow rather than lead. Often it is necessary to lead when one must defend one’s beliefs or takes one’s life in the right direction. Firecrafter forces candidates out of the “following” attitude and shows them that in some situations, one must lead the way to accomplish their goals. Leadership is a rare and valuable trait, which Firecrafter attempts to instill. Firecrafter serves Scouting and Scouts. Firecrafters have lead countless service projects and participated in camporees in all districts of Crossroads of America Council.






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