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How much does it cost?
To join Cub Scouts, you must pay BSA Registration Fees, Pack 850 dues and any den dues.

BSA Registration Fees cover registration into the Boy Scouts of America. Youth and Adult Members are $75 per calendar year.  All Youth or Adult Members include a fee for insurance.. The subscription to Boy’s Life magazine is optional, though highly encouraged.

If you are new to scouting, you will pay the rate according to the month you join. That will get you paid through the current calendar year. All scouts (new or returning) will pay the January rate when the Pack recharters in December. That will get you paid through the following calendar year.

Pack dues cover patches, badges, belt loops, pins your scout earns. Pack dues also pay for for Rain Gutter Regatta boat kits and Pinewood Derby car kits. If you are new to Scouting and are joining Cub Scouts at any point during the year, you will pay the pro-rated amount of $11 per month left in the calendar year* (so $44 if you join in September). This includes the cost of the Pack t-shirt. All scouts (new or returning) will pay the Pack $125-$225 when the Pack recharters in December (cost varies based on participation in popcorn sales).

Den dues cover necessary materials your den uses in den meetings. Your den leader will handle the amount and collection of den dues.

BSA fees and Pack dues may be combined on one check made payable to: Pack 850. You may turn in your check at any Pack event, leave it in the Scout Box at HTCS or give it to any leader.

What forms do I need to fill out?
See our Forms page for details.

Why does everyone, including parents and siblings, going on the campout need to fill out the medical form?
For insurance purposes and for the safety of everyone camping, the pack is required to have medical forms on file for everyone–scouts, parents and siblings. If something unforeseen were to happen to an adult on a camping trip, the pack leaders would need the adult’s medical information to make sure the adult got the appropriate medical care. In that instance, the pack leaders would also need to be aware of any medical issues with that adult’s children.

What do I need to do as the parent/responsible adult of a scout?
All adults need to take Youth Protection Training.  This is an online training that takes less than 30 minutes to complete. Certification is good for two years. Go to or click on BSA Training link on the right side of the page to create your account and take the training.  While you are there, take the "This is Scouting" training at  This will get you familiar with scouting in general.

If you want to take the next step, become a registered member of the BSA. By doing so, you will be covered under BSA insurance if something were to happen to you while participating in an official Cub Scout activity.

Please consider volunteering for a position in our pack. Our pack consists of Committee to run the pack, den leaders to run den meetings, and many other people to help run specific events throughout the year. Remember, the more involved in Cub Scouting you are, the more your son will benefit.

What do we need to do to join Pack 850?
See our Join page for more information.

Does my son have to attend Holy Trinity Catholic School?
No. While we are chartered by HTCS, many boys in our pack attend other elementary schools in the area or are home-schooled. Many of these boys join our pack because they have friends in our pack.

Does my son have to be Catholic to join Pack 850?
No. Just like your son does not have to be Catholic to attend HTCS, your son does not have to be Catholic to join Pack 850. We accept boys of all faiths. Cub Scouts, as an extension of the Boy Scouts of America, teaches boys to be reverent toward God and respect the beliefs of others.

What is a den?
A den is a group of 6-9 boys from the same grade that meet together. Each grade has a different rank.

  • Kindergarten- Lions
  • 1st Grade - Tigers
  • 2nd Grade - Wolves
  • 3rd Grade - Bears
  • 4th Grade - Webelos I
  • 5th Grade - Webelos II

What is a pack?
All of the dens together form the pack.

How often do you meet?
The entire pack meets once a month, usually on a Tuesday of the month at 6:30 p.m. in the Multi-purpose Room at HTCS. Dens meet according to the needs of their individual scouts. Typically dens meet twice a month–where and when is determined by the den.

Do you do anything besides monthly meetings?
Of course! There are other outside activities at the den and pack levels. These include campouts, attending sporting events, the Pinewood Derby, the Rain Gutter Regatta and den outings.


What is the uniform?
The Class A uniform is also known as the field uniform. It consists of the official Cub Scout blue, button-down shirt, neckerchief and slide appropriate to the rank of the scout and the official Cub Scout belt. Webelos have the option of wearing the official Boy Scout tan, button-down shirt. We are a “belt-up” pack so official Cub Scout pants and socks are optional. For HTCS scouts wearing their Class A uniform to school, HTCS uniform pants, socks and shoes should be worn.

The Class B uniform is our official pack t-shirt.


When do you wear your uniform?
Class A uniforms should be worn to all pack meetings and den meetings. Uniforms should be worn to school on days when you will be having a pack or den meeting. Class A uniforms should also be worn when representing Pack 850 or Cub Scouts. You should also wear it when traveling to or from any Cub Scout event.

Class B uniforms should be worn when the chance of getting your Class A uniform dirty is highly likely, like while camping.

Where do I buy the uniform?
Class A uniforms can be purchased at any Scout Shop. The closest Longhorn Council Scout Shop is located at the Longhorn Council Office, 850 Cannon Dr, Hurst, TX 76054. Hours: Mon—Fri 9am—5:30pm, Sat 9am—3pm. The closest Circle 10 Scout Shop is located at the National Scouting Museum, 1329 W Walnut Hill Ln, Irving, TX 75038. Hours: Mon 9am—7pm, Tues—Sat 9am—6pm, Sun 1pm—6pm.

Where do all the patches go?
Here is a diagram for your viewing pleasure. You may also download the Uniform Inspection Form for Tigers, Wolves and Bears or the Uniform Inspection Form for Webelos.

What about all the other patches that aren’t on the diagram?
Typically those go on a red acrylic brag vest or on a display of your choosing, like a blanket or wall-hanging. Scouts may wear their brag vests their Class A uniform (typically not during school).


What about Belt Loops and Pins?
Belt loops and pins are earned through the Cub Scouts Academics and Sports Program, which addresses the third aim of Scouting: the development of physical, mental and emotional fitness. This is an optional program. Participation may take place at home, with the family, or within a den, a pack, or the community.

Belt loops are worn on the official Cub Scout belt. Pins are displayed according to the Scout’s preference. They may be worn on the brag vest or pinned on the Academic and Sports letter “C” patch. The patch may be sewn to the brag vest or displayed in another fashion. Pins should NEVER be worn on the uniform shirt.

For more information and a complete list of sports and academic areas, click here.  The link is also provided in the right hand column.