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What do the Cub Scouts of Pack 850 do?

Make new friends…Go camping…Go fishing…Go swimming…Attend Summer Day Camp…Learn archery…Learn BB shooting…Practice knot tying…Practice fire-starting skills…Go rock-climbing…Go to Rangers games…Go to Brahmas hockey games…Build boats and race them in a Rain Gutter Regatta…Build and shoot rockets…Build cars and race them in a Pinewood Derby…Perform skits…Help others…Collect food for GRACE…Take care of our planet…Race pushmobiles…Have fun!

Why Cub Scouting?

•    Cub Scouting is a well-rounded program that positively affects every area of a boy’s life.
•    Cub Scouting encourages boys to achieve a deeper appreciation of others, including peers, parents and other adults. Early in their Scouting experience, boys learn the value of serving others.
•    Cub Scouting provides boys with a sense that they are important as individuals. They learn that their scouting family cares about what happens to them.
•    Cub Scouting promotes activities that lead us to personal responsibility and high self esteem.
•    As a result, when hard decisions have to be made, a boy can look at himself in the mirror and be proud.

Cub Scouting teaches your son:

•    Confidence through recognition by adults
•    Belonging by building relationships with other boys
•    Quality family time to strengthen the bond between parent and child
•    Social skills through interacting with other people
•    Moral and ethical choices by instilling essential values
•    Leadership skills through leading other boys
•    Citizenship to become responsible community members

What’s expected of me as a Parent?

Cub Scouting is a program that parents and sons can do together. Parents who volunteer spend an average of two to four hours per week involved in Cub Scouting Activities. This includes meetings with the boys and planning time.

As a parent volunteer, there are a variety of positions to fill, such as unit leaders, pack committee chairmen, committee members, den leaders, and chartered organizations representatives. Volunteering helps strengthen the bond between parent and child and helps strengthen the packs overall program. Training is provided!