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Boy Scout Troop 65
(Wood Dale, Illinois)
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1951 Founded by Mel Brockman and Tony Langfeld
1955 Don Malcolm became the first Eagle Scout of Troop 65
1956 Troop's 1st week-long canoe trip

Jerry Risting takes over as Scoutmaster, and stayed for 16 years, even though he never had a son in the Troop.

He was honored by the Troop when they created the Jerry Risting Award. This is an annual award, given to the scout who did the most in the previous year.

1967 Troop takes it's 1st trip to the Grand Canyon.

1250 mile bike hike from Wood Dale, Illinois to Jacksonville, Florida. At the time this was the longest bike hike in BSA history.

1978 Paul Youdelis earned his Eagle in 1977, and a Bronze Palm in 1978, becoming (ed. note: to the best of our knowledge) the first Palm receipient in Troop 65.

Jack Froehling becomes scoutmaster. Took troop to higher level of activity. Passed on the troop traditions.

1983 Troop hikes the Grand Canyon rim to rim to rim

Loss of Mel Brockman, who passed away in December of 1985. Mel is remembered each year by an award that goes to the Scout from the troop who best exemplifies Scout Spirit.

1987 30 Scouts & Leaders hike the Grand Canyon for the 3rd time

Rich Thoroe Jr. earns Eagle and is awarded the Illinois Citizenship Award. He becomes part of the state government for 3 days

1989 Troop 65 represents the State of Illinois at the commissioning of the aircraft carrier U.S.S. Abraham Lincoln in Norfolk, Virginia.

1st trip to Philmont Scout Ranch. 100 mile trek by 5 Scouts and 2 Leaders.


52 Scouts, Leaders and other Adults go to the Grand Canyon. 42 hike the Canyon rim to rim to rim.

1992 Joe Zollner earns Double Bronze Eagle Palms, 42 merit badges and becomes Troop 65's most decorated Scout. He also becomes the Troop's first Scout to be awarded the Vigil Honor from the Order of the Arrow.
1993 Canoe the Boundary Waters Canoe Area.
1994 Fished Kentucky Lake, experienced Space Camp in Huntsville, Alabama, and hiked Philmont for the 2nd time.
1995 Back to the Boundary Waters Canoe Area.
1996 Hiked the Grand Canyon again
1997 Biked through the Nicolet National Forest in Fay Lake, Wisconsin.
1997 12 Scouts and Leaders do 100 mile trek through Philmont Scout Ranch in New Mexico for the 3rd time.
1998 Hiked the Appalachian Trail and toured Washington, D.C.
1999 Bicycled from Wood Dale, Illinois to St. Louis, Missouri.
2000 Canoe the Boundary Waters in Ely, Minnesota. Again.
2001 Troop 65 celebrates 50 Years of Service to Youth and Community
2001 Dan Conder swims 11 miles non-stop at Camp Freeland Leslie in Oxford, Wisconsin.
2001 Troop 65 makes it's 6th trip to the Grand Canyon. At the age of 69, Dominick Abbrescia is the oldest member of Troop 65 ever to hike the Grand Canyon.
2001 At the age of 12, Eric Feinberg becomes the youngest Senior Patrol Leader in Troop History. He successfully leads the Troop for 2 years.
2002 Dan Conder is recognized by the Three Fires Council as one of their "Heroes" at a special presentation attended by over 900 people.
2002 Troop 65 & Venture Crew 65 go whitewater rafting on the New and Gauly Rivers in West Virginia.
2003 Troop 65 stands Honor Guard for the Vietnam Wall for 9 days in Wood Dale, Illinois.
2003 The Boundary Waters of Minnesota calls again
2004 John McElroy becomes only the 2nd Eagle Scout in Troop History to earn the Double Bronze Palm.
2004 14 Scouts and Leaders bicycle from Wood Dale, Illinois to St. Louis, Missouri down historic Route 66.
2004 Eric Feinberg becomes Troop 65's 44th Eagle Scout.
2005+ To Be Continued...

And it doesn't stop there. As of 2014, Troop 65 has had the following -

  • 7 Vigil Honors for Order of the Arrow

  • 11 Wood Badge Recipients

  • 3 District Commissioners

  • 2 District Chairmen

  • 7 Attended Philmont Training Center

  • 1 Olympic Finalist

  • 12 Silver Beaver Recipients

  • 12 Members of the Committee and Leaders have been awarded the District Award of Merit

  • We have members who served on Camp Freeland Staff, traveled to Australia for a World Jamboree, served on various O/A Committees, organized Camporees, District Dinners, first aid meets, Klondike Derbys, provided leadership for District Training Staffs that include Den Chief Training, JLT courses, Scout Leader Basic, and Wood Badge.

  • Others have served their country, from Korea, to Vietnam, to Desert Storm, and to Iraq.

  • And are they smart? Most of our Scouts go on to college. Ask these guys who is on the Honor Roll, or are in theater, or basketball, or who plays a musical instrument. We even had a Senior Patrol Leader leave at the age of 15 to attend George Washington University.

The list of our Scout's accomplishments goes on and on, but this is only a short synopsis of what Troop 65 is all about. We feel this reflects our pride and our traditions, and our commitment to excellence for youth, Scouting in our community, and the World Brotherhood of Scouting.