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Camping Gear List



                                                                   GEAR LIST-  MARCH CAMP OUT

                                                    Winter Gear List

                                          SEQUASSEN  -  LEAN-TO SITE




                                                                  This list includesthe clothing items you are wearing when we depart.


         Scout book, paper, pencil

Hiking boots

Socks - 3 pair (wool or synthetic blend)

Long pants - 2

Long sleeve shirts - 2

Underwear - 3

T-shirts - 3

Thermal underwear

Sweater, fleece pull over or sweatshirt (1)

Winter jacket

Rain poncho

Knit hat

Mittens or gloves

Hand towel

Soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, comb

Flashlight and extra batteries

Mess kit (plate, bowl, hot cup, knife, fork, spoon, dishsoap and cleaning items)

Cooking items you may need (pot, frying pan, etc.)


Toilet paper

Pocket knife

Water bottles (at least 3 litres)


Garbage bag, zip lock bags

Sleeping bag



2 face masks


No electronics please