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Cub Scout Pack 311
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Why Join Cub Scouting?

  • Your time is valuable. More than ever, today’s families struggle to find time to spend together. Cub Scouting helps to support your family by providing ready-made opportunities for you and your child to do things together.
  • Your child needs to belong to a group of boys or girls his or her own age. Through this sense of belonging, children builds their self-esteem and learn to get along with others. As a parent, you want to be assured that the groups that your child joins will teach values consistent with good citizenship, character development, and physical fitness. The Boy Scouts of America has been weaving these lifetime values into fun and educational activities since 1910.
  • In a society where children are taught that winning is everything, Cub Scouting teaches them to “do their best” and to be helpful to others.
  • Scouting teaches family values and works to strengthen your relationship with your child. Scouting activities can bring added value to the time you already have with your child.
But we know that kids do not join Cub Scouting just to get their character built. Kids join because it is fun.  Lord Baden-Powell, the founder of Scouting, said that Scouting is "Fun with a purpose" and Pack 311 has a lot of fun!

Check out for more great information or visit the CUBSCOUTS.ORG for all things cub scouts!

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