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Cub Scout Pack 100
(Kirkersville, Ohio)
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The distinctive blue Cub Scout uniform is one of the first things a new Cub Scout wants. Besides being a means to identify openly to the principles that a Cub Scout commits to, the uniform also:

* Encourages neat, correct appearance as well as good behavior.
* Provides the only place for proper display of awards.
* Provides a visual way for boys to "belong" together.

A neat, complete uniform is required for most pack activities and all pack and den meetings. This fosters a sense of pride and belonging in the boys.

The Cub Scout uniform consists of:

  • a clean Cub Scout shirt with proper insignia patches;
  • an official Cub Scout neckerchief for his rank with a tie slide;
  • Shorts (no cut offs) or long pants without holes, and dark socks;
  • The Cub Scout hat is optional.
  • The Cub Scout belt is optional, but highly suggested!!!
  • The Cub Scout brag vest (red felt) is optional.

Cub Scout leaders wear uniforms as an example to the boys and so other Scouts may recognize them as leaders. Contact the Cub Master if you have any questions (see tab at top of this page).

It is encouraged to purchase the required uniform items as soon as possible. New uniform and required items can be purchased at Cornell’s in downtown Newark or ordered online from You can also purchase used items through thrift stores, Goodwill or eBay.

If the purchase of a uniform is a financial hardship for you, speak with the Cub Master. Through the generosity of previous Pack 100 parents, we have a "scout closet" with gently used items available. There are other options available as well and all conversations will be handled in a very confidential manner. 

How to Wear the Neckerchief

a. Fold long edge over several flat folds to about six inches from tip of neckerchief.

A tight fold prevents gathering around the neck and is more efficient than rolling or twirling.

b. The unit has a choice of wearing the neckerchief over the collar or under the collar. (Pack #100 wears the neckerchief under the collar.)

c. Draw neckerchief slide over ends and adjust to fit snugly.

Uniform Inspection Sheets