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Past adventures

Crew 9701 has been on many adventures! Each event involves 100% planning by the youth members, this means we have a say in what we want to do! This is some of the things we have chosen to do in the past:
  • St. Helena Lighthouse Restoration trip: Kayaking, riding on a zodiac, sleeping in a Light House
  • Campout at Peninsula State Park: Hiking and demonstrating how to be resourceful with limited items
  • Jelly Belly Factory
  • Volunteering to run parts of many different events here are a few: Spring Camporee, Fall Camporee, Cub Scout Fun Day, Winterfest, District Dinner
  • Pie in the Face Fundraiser
  • Summit week long camp - West Virginia: Zip lining down the mountains, Whitewater Rafting,Hiking in the mountains and so much more
  • Girl Scout outdoor skills training - We spent 5 days camping with girl scouts in June of 2016 teaching them outdoor skills (fire-building, shelter, first aid, etc.)
  • Mission escape- We went to a place called "Mission escape" in January 2017 where we had to use our communication skills to solve fun interesting scenarios
  • Many Camping trips- We have gone on many camping trips. We cook our own meals, and plan different activities than they do. Lots of fun! 
  • Nature hikes volunteering- Every year we help with apple bobbing at a community gathering in Campbellsport. We then camp at Mauthe Lake for the weekend
  • Wisconsin Dells - We have been to the Wisconsin dells a couple of times- once to go to Noah's arc, and twice to do our annual planning meetings end of the year.
  • Cake Bake Auction- We decorate cakes to auction off at a troop event. The creativity that goes into cake decorating is a lot of fun.  
  • Arkansas trip- We went to Arkansas for a week and perused MANY adventures!

Future Adventures

We are looking forward to doing the following adventures:
  • Trying new and different restaurants - We love to eat!
  • Camp Shag
  • Klondike
  • High Adventure Camps
  • White Water Rafting
  • Constructing our trailer
  • DNR Campout