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High Adventure Programs

2012 Wolf River Adventures

2012 Philmont & Northern Tier Council Contingents

The Bay-Lakes Council High Adventure programs go beyond the routine to create excitement and fun. Challenges and difficulties must be overcome. Opportunities for leadership, learning to work with others, critical thinking, and decision making abound. Meeting new people and making lasting friendships are an important part of every adventure.


  • OKPIK - January
  • Arctic Adventure - February
  • Winter Amidships - February
  • Kayak Rolling - February & March
  • Spring/Fall Whitewater - May/June/Sept.
  • Touring & Mountain Biking - Spring to Fall
  • Summer Camp High Adventure
  • Bay Jammer - July


  • These programs are for Venturers
    and Boy Scouts that meet the
    age requirements
  • Age requirement is age 13 and must have completed the 8th grade, or 14 years of age but not yet 21.
  • These are coed programs that participants may attend as individuals or with his or her own crew/troop
  • Leaders/parents are always welcome
  • Summer Camp High Adventure programs require adult leadership participation


Wolf River Adventures

Think you've seen it all? Done it all? Looking for excitement? Looking for a challenge? Bear Paw and Gardner Dam Scout Camps have combined to offer seven different weeks of fantastic summer camp High Adventure for you in 2011!

Two different treks have been carefully selected and planned to give the older youth in your unit everything they're looking for. and more! Here are the options that are available each week:

Door County Adventures:
This exciting high adventure trek utilizes Door County, our very own "Cape Cod of the Midwest." After some training and a practice run on a lake near Gardner Dam, your crew will be transported to Jax Camp, a Bay-Lakes Council property near Sturgeon Bay, where you will base camp for a week of sea kayaking and sailing (optional) on the waters of Green Bay, as well as bike touring on the trails and byways of Door County.
You'll also get some free time to play tourist!

Advanced Whitewater Adventure:
You can't ask for any better whitewater kayaking opportunities than what we have right here in northeast Wisconsin. This high adventure trek will put you in river kayaks on the Wolf and Red Rivers, just to name a few. This program is ideal for those who have already earned the Whitewater merit badge, though not needed to participate. You stay with troop at Gardner Dam. The fee for this program is the same as the traditional summer program.

Northwoods Day Adventures:
This fantastic high adventure program has something for everyone. Utilizing opportunities at both Bear Paw and Gardner Dam Scout Camps, participants will have the opportunity to participate in COPE, rock climbing & rappelling, black powder rifle, lake kayaking, sailing, snorkeling and an overnight bike trek.

You will also bike through the Nicolet forest and with an overnight stop at beautiful Boulder Lake.

Who may participate?
Any registered Venturer or Boy Scout age 13 or older. Adults are also needed to help satisfy two-deep leadership requirements. Open to Scouts whose units are camped at either Bear Paw or Gardner Dam, or
participants or units may sign up only for high adventure.

Please contact Linda Gruber, Program Director, for more information:
Linda Gruber
(906) 424-0995


High Adventure Programs

An outdoor winter camping adventure...Okpik is a program that will teach youth and their leaders skills in winter camping techniques. This program is scheduled in two parts:


Spring/Fall Whitewater
Whitewater kayaking on the Wolf River will be held at Gardner Dam Scout Camp. All equipment, food, lodging, adult supervision and instruction is provided for these weekend events. We will also utilize other camp facilities to round out the weekend, plus time for movies, campfires and relaxing with your friends.
Arctic Adventure
This winter adventures will be held once each year. See the northern wilderness that is explored and seen by few. Cabin lodging, snowshoeing, cross country skiing, cold weather camping and shelter building.
Touring & Mountain Biking
Weekly from May through August in the Fox Valley. Rides begin at 6:00 p.m. and end by 8:30 p.m., depending on distance & amount of daylight. 1 hour rides in May, 2 hour rides during mid-summer, and 1.5 hour in August.
Winter Amidships
Competitive winter games, dinner & dance. Open to Venturing Crews, Career Explorers, Boy Scouts, and Girl Scouts. Held in Fond du Lac.
Kayak Rolling
The kayak rolling program has been a huge success! This is a great way to have some fun and to learn to roll up your boat when it is upside down. Warm and wet at the Appleton
YMCA. Come as many times as you want. 12:00-2:00 PM Sundays.
Bay Jammer Weekend
Don’t miss this exciting weekend activity full of games, events, activities, dancing and celebrations! Crews from all over the Midwest. Take part in 62 years of fun! Great Lakes Memorial Park, Menominee, MI.

National High Adventure Programs

The National High Adventure bases in Ely, Minnesota and Cimarron, New Mexico offer “once in a lifetime” adventures. The Bay-Lakes Council sponsors annual treks to these bases. These trips are so big that they take 12-18 months to prepare for. This is a great time to start thinking about 2012. For more information, contact the Center for Scouting in Appleton at 800-372-6887 or 920-734-5705.

Philmont - Cimarron, NM

Enjoy a challenging 12-day backpacking trek in the Sangre de Cristo mountains at elevations between 6,500' and 12,441'. Participate in program activities at the many staffed camps along your route, such as:
• Rock Climbing
• Black Powder Rifle
• Mountaineering
• Pole sparring

Philmont Scout Ranch
Normally there is a long waiting list, so how can I get there in 2013?

1) Join the Bay-Lakes Council's 2013 contingent
2) Enter the Philmont lottery and be selected.

Florida Sea Base - Florida Keys

The Bay-Lakes Council is planning new trips to Islamorada, FL, to take advantage of these exciting programs. Watch for more details!
• Bahamas
• Tall Ships
• Coral Reef Sailing
• Out Island
Northern Tier - Ely, MN
Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness

Summer 2012
• Canoe and experience the world famous Boundary Waters Canoe Area
Fully outfitted (9) day trek into the BWCA
• Transportation, lodging & meals