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Boy Scout Troop 870
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Boy Scouts is different from Cub Scouts in that the program is planned and executed by the boys to fulfill the boy led concept. The SM meets with the boys’ leadership at the troop Patrol Leaders Council (PLC) meeting which take place at least once a month during the Friday normal meeting period. This team of leaders consists of the Senior Patrol Leaders, the Patrol Leaders, Patrol Guides, Instructors, Scribe, Guide, Quartermaster, and other Scouts appointed to unit leadership positions that are further defined in their handbook. The PLC is where the planning of meetings, outings, and the troop calendar all come together between the boys and Scoutmasters.


The boys are responsible for all aspects of their activities, what will be done, when, how, who will teach what, what games will be played, how much time is allotted for each activity, what materials are needed, etc. Their detailed planning is review by the Scoutmaster and the Patrol Mentors overseeing those particular events, prior to its implementation.


Since this is a boy run program, and since Scouting is designed to be a learning experience. While we watch very carefully what they do, barring safety violations and other extenuating circumstances, we provide the freedom to “P\plan and adapt to the journey of the event.” For only when they are truly responsible will they learn the the Aims and Methods of Scouting?