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Troop 870 prides itself to have one outing per month during the year. Most of the time, these outings include some form of camping. These trips are designed to provide an opportunity for the boys to fulfill their overnight camping requirements for advancement and experience the great outdoors in a variety of settings and seasonal changes. While in camp the boys operate in patrols, establishing their campsite, cooking their meals, cleaning up afterwards, and taking part in activities as a unit, and sleeping with a buddy.

Typically at the meeting prior to disembarking, the patrol leader insures that the meal menus are planned, whether he goes on the trip or not. The patrol will decide who buys the food and the expenses are divided up evenly among the patrol to satisfy among themselves. Shopping and collections are worked out by the youths. If the youth has special meal requirements, we would like to know in advance and they should provide for themselves if warranted.

The youth is always expected to dress for the conditions, bring spare clothing, be prepared for the events planned, and to cooperate with his peers. These trips often are hard on their personal belongings and hygiene is maintained as best can be expected

Prescription medication must be provided in its original container with the dosages and frequency well displayed. We will accept dispensaries with an instruction letter of administering the drugs that is signed by the parent.

A permission slip will be made available at all of the trips at its mustering and must be filled out and sign by the parent or legal guardian of the Scout prior to departure.

Each trip is closed with a reflection meeting between all attendees to allow conversation about the likes and dislikes over what had transpired.

Health and Safety

Each boy and adult must have a BSA medical/health history form signed by a licensed physician on file with the troop. No Scout will go on a trip without such a form. This information will be kept on file in a ring binder that will travel with the troop for use when seeking medical attention. If a boy has medical condition that would keep him from participating in strenuous activities, make sure it is noted on the form. Any medication will be collected and redistributed by an adult leader on an outing. Each scout and adult leader under the age of 40 years must have a physical examination every three years. Adults over 40 must have an annual exam and updated form.

For everyone’s safety on any trip, particularly high adventure, will require a minimum skill set requirements as determined by the Program Leaders. Some have associated restrictions that could be age or health related prohibitive, and always come with certain risk. All safety precautions will be taken. All minimum and specialized training requirements as set forth by the B.S.A. will be satisfied. But at a minimum, we will always have an adult on the trip that is CPR and First Aid certified


All trips begin and end at St. Andrews Episcopal Church on Tick Neck Road unless otherwise stated. Boys and adults are transported to troop activities in private cars of adult leaders or other adults who have volunteered to drive. Each seat in the vehicle must have a functioning seat belt and it must be worn at all times. Each driver must carry the minimum coverage required by the State of Maryland. There may be times where a committed volunteer has an emergency at the last minute. We have had folks bail in the parking lot wherein someone else has to step up. These things happen, so please “be prepared” for change. We will also reach out for someone who has a vehicle rated to pull our trailer to assist when possible. Otherwise, it is the discretion of the optional vehicle driver, to risk damage when haul the awkward and heavy equipment.

Troop Equipment

The troop and Committee has invested a significant amount of money into camping equipment which is at the disposal of the boys and adults for the troop sponsored camping trips. Keeping the equipment clean and serviceable is a major task. Each time the equipment (tents, chuck boxes, cookware, grills, lamps, axes, saws, water jugs, etc) and other assorted items are used, it is subject to wear and tear. At the close of each trip, it is the responsibility of each Patrol Quartermaster to inspect his patrols equipment before checking it back in on the trailer. Should any equipment go home with a scout to be cleaned or dried out, it is required to be returned to the troop at the next weekly meeting. These chores and responsibilities are to be performed by the Scout with the desired assistance of a parent. It is imperative that tents never be stowed away wet or damp. Any major repairs that are needed should be reported to the Troop Quartermaster. Any equipment that is carelessly damaged or lost may become the responsibility of the Scout to replace the item.