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Cub Scout Pack 3607
(Oshkosh, Wisconsin)
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Fund Raising

Pack 3607 operates almost entirely on fundraising.  We have a small pack fee that covers some essential items, but does not cover the majority of the cost of the program.  Because of this, our annual Popcorn fund raiser is extremely important.  We encourage all scouts and families "do their best" to sell as much as possible.  A portion of what is sold by each scout goes into a scout account.  It is not uncommon for a scout to sell enough popcorn to cover all of his expenses, including summer camp, every year. 

The cost for our program averages approximately $75 per Scout per year.  These costs are paid through fund raisers or donations, which is why we need good participation in our fund raisers.  These funds from our annual fund raisers are used to pay for the following:
- Advancements awards, patches, neckerchiefs, slides, etc
- Food and refreshments during pack meetings
- Supplies for pack and den meetings
- Entertainment for pack meetings
- Pinewood derby cars
- Hand books
- Fees for facilities usage
- Camp supplies
- Other misc expenses

Basic Expenses

The following are the (typical) basic expenses for a scouting year that the individual Scout is expected to pay.  Note, some items are one time purchases and do not repeat.  Also, the basic patches and other advancements are provided by the pack funded by our various pack fundraisers.  Again, if the Scout is successful in supporting the fundraiser, his Scout account may be able to pay for all of these expenses. 

One-Time Expense
  • $25 Scout Shirt (buy it large enough to fit for at least 3-4 years)
  • $4  Bay-Lakes Council Patch
  • $6  Unit numbers ($1.49/ea) 3,6,0,7
  • $2  World Crest Patch

Note you do NOT need to purchase den number or world crest "anniversary ring" patches, or neckerchiefs or neckerchief slides.    Most of scouts do not use the den number patch.  The world crest "anniversary ring" is entirely optional.   The Pack supplies neckerchiefs and slides. 

Suggested Items:

  • $10 Belt (esp. 1-3 graders, as they earn awards toward their ranks in the form of belt loops)
  • Caps, pants, socks, etc.   These make your boy look extra sharp, but are NOT "expected" items in our Pack. 

    Annual Expenses

    • $24 National Chartering Fee
    • $21 Pack Dues (may be waived with fundraising participation)
    • $12 Boys Life Magazine (optional)
    • $155 Camp (optional)
    • $5 - $50 misc. outings (for example: overnighters, bowling, museum, baseball game, etc)

    It should be noted that the Pack has resources available to assist those in financial need with these expenses.   Contact Pack leadership for more information.  Consider donating your boys' uniform to the Pack when he no longer needs it.