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Troop 94 Website Information Page

Please read the following information to become familiar with our troop website.


You can also add that site to your “My Favorites” after entering into any browser address line.


The site contains two parts: “Public” and “Secure”

The public website displays the next upcoming events. This gives you a thumbnail sketch of what is going on. This way you do not have to log in to get quick information. This information is available to anyone in the world. At the bottom of that page is the Troop's Google Calendar.


Across the top Banner, you will have the option to click a link for Member Login. You (and your scout) will have to provide the Troop Webmaster (currently Brian Alpaugh) with sufficient information to access that secure section. Nothing in the secure site is available to the public. You have to be a member to access secure information and you have to log in to get it. Before you access that information, open the attached file and complete the (MS Word) form and submit it to Brian Alpaugh.


There are several levels of access: Administrator (restricted); Leader, Parent, Scout, No Access, and Inactive. By default, the webmaster assigns all members an initial role of Inactive, until you provide sufficient information to log in. If necessary, the site will send you an invitation with a password. You can change that password to a new one.


Some of you have account information entered already, and only have to register your Login Identity to access the secure site. Some of you need to provide all the information needed on the registration document. You will need to provide your email information in order to get reminders and to gain access to the Scoutlander account.


Once you register your profile information, you will start to receive event reminders. This will happen regardless of whether you signed up on the event paper at the scout meeting or not. Your profile alerts are from your profile setup, not on the paper signup sheet.


Event alerts are a global setting. If you turn them off, you will not get any event messages from the calendar. If you leave them on, you will get event messages about all Troop activities. These include, but are not limited to: Scout meetings, Camping trips, Committee meetings, Eagle Projects, Conservation projects, Service Projects, Council Events, District Events, and Recognition Dinners. There are many other occasions.


As an added benefit, you can download a Microsoft Outlook reminder for your calendar too.


In addition to the website access, there is also a Troop 94 Photo Image Policy. Please review that document, once it is official, for any additional information and conditions.

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Troop 94 scout guide.docx Updated 2018 - J. Stump, ASM  
Troop 94 Web Site Access Application.doc Use this form to access the website