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Boy Scout Troop 110
(Rochester, Minnesota)
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Boy Scout Uniform


Class A full dress uniform for Board of Reviews & Courts of Honor

Scout uniforms are an important part of the Boy Scouts of America program and one of the methods of scouting. Each boy gets to be part of a group demonstrated by their uniform and each group has a personal sense of identity. The scout uniform is also a display case for a scout's individual accomplishments and recognitions. We wear the uniform to associate ourselves with the principles to which we are committed - character development, citizenship training, and physical and mental fitness. The uniform is not intended to hide our individuality, but it is a way we give each other strength and support.

The Scouting movement is built on positive values. As we wear the uniform in cub scouts and boy scouts, we stand together and encourage each other to live by those principles. Boys and adults alike should take pride in belonging to this program and wear the uniform correctly with pride.

As we travel, the Boy Scout Uniform projects an image and association of pride and respect, with the individual wearing it. Remember, when you wear your uniform, you represent Boy Scouts all over America.

Class A Uniform
Boy Scout Shirt with Scarf and Clasp (slide), tucked inside clean scout or appropriate pants/shorts.
Is worn always while traveling anywhere to and from events, campouts etc and troop meetings.
At official ceremonies, Class A Uniform also includes: Merit Badge Sash & Dress pants (Board of Reviews, Courts of Honor)

Class B Uniform
    Boy Scout Camp T Shirt, short or long sleeve, and is a more casual BSA shirt.
Is worn casually at camp or while performing
strenuous tasks during BSA events.

Boy Scout Uniform Patch/Insignia Placement Information Link