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Race Day: Saturday, March 17, 2018
Who: Pack 3033 Cub Scouts (Tigers - Webelos 2) and families, along with a free open class for non-scout kids. 
Where: Scout Cabin for weigh-in (Friday Night), Hamilton Middle School "EAST" Gym for Race (Saturday)
What:  For an awesome time racing cars! 
The boys received their kits in December and have hopefully been working hard.  The goal of the derby is to allow the boys to create something themselves -- something that allows them to "Do their best"!  Parents should supervise, but allow the boys to create the cars.

Optional Friday Night Weigh-In, 6:30-8:00 PM: 

The cars can be inspected and weighed (see rules below) at the Scout Cabin.  This is an unofficial weigh-in to allow the Racers an opportunity to adjust your cars to ensure the car is legal for the race. 

Race Day, Saturday 8:30 AM until about 12:30 PM

DERBY DAY, A fun day of racing. We will be having trophies for the top 3 winners in each den. We will be offering an open class for anyone and will also invite other packs to join us that may not have a track of their own. We will have a concession stand available.

Scouts need to register their cars between 8:30 am and 9:00 am. We will weigh in all cars at this time, even if you participated in the Optional Friday Night Weigh-In.  During this time a "pit table" will be available to aid the Scout in getting the exact weight.

Opening Ceremony starts at 9:15 am and will go until all dens have raced.  The top three cars in each den will receive trophies, and the top racer from each den will move onto the Grand Champion round. 

Community Kids Open Class - If there are enough participants

This is open to non-scout kids from the community. Kids Open Class races will occur if there are 3 or more participants. There is no fee for this, it is strictly for community fun! Bring your own car and race just for the fun. 

Regulations for open class cars are that:
1. Be 5oz or less
2. Uses the block of wood in the box (other axles and/or wheels can be used)
3. Fits on the track (width of wheels the same and less than 3.5" tall)
4. Look Great! ;)

Pack Adult Open Class.  Plan on huge Boy Scout & Adult Competition for 2018's race!!!!!!!

Adult Open Class races will occur throughout the race day between den races. This is just for the Boy Scouts and Adult Leaders of the Pack. 

Regulations for open class cars are that:
1. be 5oz or less
2. uses the block of wood in the box (other axles and/or wheels can be used)
3. Fits on the track (width of wheels the same and less than 3.5" tall)
4. Look Great! ;)


Concessions will be available throughout the morning.  Volunteers are needed to work 30-minute shifts in the kitchen.

Scout Cannot Make Derby, can he race?  YES!!!

If your Scout cannot make the derby but has a car, no worries!  Have him drop off his car for weigh-in on Friday night (or give it to another Scout or leader to do it for him).  His car will race even if he is not present. 

This is a great time for all.  See you at the races!

  1. Follow the rules included in your Grand Prix Kit and the rules on this page. Only official Cub Scout Pinewood Derby Car kits may be used for the District Derby.
  2. All cars must pass inspection during District Registration to qualify for the race:
    • The car must have been made during this Scouting year.
    • Width shall not exceed 2 3/4 inches, the length shall not exceed 7 inches.
    • Weight shall not exceed 5 ounces or 141.75 grams.
    • The car must have 3/8 inch minimum clearance from bottom of the car to track.
    • Nails, wheels, axle and car body must be official Cub Scout Grand Prix equipment.
    • Wheel bearings, washers, and bushings are prohibited.
    • The car shall not ride on any kind or type of springs.
    • Details added must be within length, width and weight limits stated above.
    • The car must be free-wheeling with no starting limits.
    • No loose materials of any kind will be allowed on the car.
    • No taped-on or liquid weights will be allowed. Must be glued, screwed or sunk in.
    • Weights must be attached to car body only (not to wheels or axles).
    • Height must fit under the Pack's scoring box, which is slightly over 3".  Cars cannot exceed 3" in height.
  3. YOU MAY NOT change axle location (cannot move forward, backward, raise or lower).
    • Axles (nails) must be separate from each other.
    • Do not cover axle or axles.
    • Width between wheels on axles must be 1 3/4 inches.
    • When the car is at starting line, no other part may extend beyond that point.
  4. Wheels CANNOT BE MODIFIED other than removing the seam from the tread area as instructed in the kit. Cars will be disqualified if the sides of the wheels are changed (machined, sanded, etc...) in any manner. Narrowed wheels will not be allowed.
  5. After inspection and weighing is completed, cars will be kept in an impound area.
    • Cars will not be removed until called to race.
    • Once registered, only the Cub Scout (whom the car belongs to) and the official judge and inspectors will be allowed to touch the Pinewood Derby Car.
    • No lubrication to be put on car wheels once they’re inspected and registered.
    • Repairs to cars will be made under the supervision of the race officials.
  6. Only dry graphite or BSA approved Teflon may be used for lubrication of wheels on axles. If any other type is used, the car will be disqualified.