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Cub Scout Pack 3033
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Q: I'm new to the Pack, where do I start?
A: Welcome to Pack 3033
Scout Parents Site
Cub Scout Parents Site

Q: Who is the second most important person in scouting? 
A: YOU!  The parent!!!  Without your support, scouting would not happen.  (Your Scout is the most important person, of course!)

Q: What are the best things I can do to encourage Scouting?
  • Taking your Scout to meetings and events, participating fully when possible
  • Encouraging your Scout to work on achievements (without telling him to)
  • Encouraging your Scout to DO HIS BEST always!
Q: What does my Scout need in terms of uniform?
A:  He needs a shirt -- blue for all 5 years, or optionally a tan shirt once your Scout becomes a Webelos (blue is still fine for Webelos -- if it still fits, keep wearing it!).  He also needs 3 patches:  World Crest Emblem (blue circle that goes above left pocket), Council Patch (Gerald R. Ford Council), and the Pack numerals (3033).  If your Webelos Scout wears the tan shirt, he'll also need the navy blue shoulder loops.

Q: Where can I purchase uniform supplies?
A:  Locally, you can buy them at Cobblestone Crafts & Hobbies in Holland (next to The Crazy Horse).  You can also go to the Scout Store in Walker (right off the exit on Walker Rd).  You can also order online at: BSA Uniform Site (new!)

Q: What about hats, belts, and official slides?
A: They are all optional.  The belts are useful to hold the Academics and Sports belt loops, though.  Boys need to have some type of slide (knotting neckerchiefs is technically not permitted) -- they can easily be made with wire/pipe cleaner and anything creative (toy, leather craft).  Red vests are also optional -- but a great place to display pins and non-official patches (from camp or other activities -- these cannot be worn on the uniform shirt.

Q: Uniform inspection is coming soon.  What are the rules for uniform inspections?
A: Scouts need to be clean and wearing the proper Scout apparel in the appropriate fashion.  Rules:
  • Shirt tucked in
  • Clean pants/jeans (no rips) in a dark color (blue for Cubs, olive pants or blue jeans for tan-shirted Webelos)
  • Required patches in their proper locations: World Crest emblem, Council Patch, and Pack numerals.  Rank badges (Bobcat, Tiger, Wolf, Bear, and Webelos) and arrow points need to be in their proper location as well.
  • Neckerchief on neatly and secured with a slide (NOT KNOTTED).  You can easily make a slide if you do not wish to purchase the official slides.
  • At most one temporary patch on the right pocket.  Progress towards ranks or Tiger Paw can also be worn. 
  • No Academic/Sports pins (or other pins) are to be worn on the uniform shirt.  They can be worn on red vests.
Q: Where can I get information on belt loops and pins (aka Academic and Sports)?
A: Badge and Pin/Loop Requirements

Q: Where can I get information on the Year of Celebration patches and ribbons?
A: Year of Celebration

Q: Where can I purchase other Scout related gear?
A:  Cobblestone has some stuff, but the Scout Store in Walker has the biggest selection.  You can also purchase online at:
Online Scout Supply (Internet purchase of uniforms)
Scout supply store

Q: Is my Scout expected to work on badge requirements at home, or will everything be done in the den?
A: Your Scout will need to work on some things at home.  Hopefully you can help teach your Scout to work on them on his time -- not by you making him work on things.  As they get older they should be expected to take initiative themselves to work on badges, loops/pins, etc.

Q: Does my Scout have to attend all Pack activities?
A: NO!  We hope that Scout attend all den meetings, all Pack meetings, and the "Pack Events" (Fall Hike, Blue & Gold, Pinewood Derby, Scouting for Food, and summer events).  Other activities like bowling, football games, etc. are all OPTIONAL -- they just provide additional opportunities for our Scouts.

Q: Do I need to attend den and/or pack meetings with my Scout?
A: No, BUT, those Scouts that have involved parents tend to succeed the most in Scouting.  As a Tiger, a parent/adult is required to be with the Scout at all times.  Beyond that, it is not required, BUT, we love when parents continue to attend meetings and events.  It helps the leaders out when you are there, but most importantly, it shows your Scout that YOU think Scouting is important.
Q: Do you have scholarship programs to help with the costs of uniforms, camp, and/or dues?
A: YES!  We never want a boy to miss out on Scouting because of financial reasons.  Talk to your leader or one of the Pack leaders.