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A Scout's journey is through rank advancement within the Troop. 

Ranks are achieved by completing a set of skills requirements, leadership and peer to peer collaboration.
The current Scouts BSA Ranks are:

Second Class
First Class

The goal of our Troop is to help scouts advance quickly to First Class so that they can take time to work on the path to Eagle. 

BSA Merit Badges

Merit badges are part of the scouting experience and helps engage scouts to further their knowledge of subjects either that they already enjoy or would like to explore. There is a total of 137 Merit Badges that scouts can earn along with their rank advancement. Of the 137 Only 22 are required for becoming an Eagle Scout.  The 22 are not easy to earn but will teach many life skills from outdoors, to personal management, personal fitness and others to help enrich a scouts experience and knowledge of the world around them.

The list of Eagle Required merit badges as well as the many non-required badges can be found on several scouting sites.  One that we use for a go to is 

Once a scout earns all of the merit badges for the Eagle rank, then their path is set to advance further.